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It was totally by coincidence that I discovered EquiLeads. I was searching for a financial product and finally landed on equileads.com. It was more surprising for me that they were offering great benefits for people that become their affiliates in the marketing campaign. I was already running a financial blog and decided to place their forms on my site.It was a smooth process of interacting with the company and signing the affiliate documents. I was able to do that within minutes and added the mortgage form on my blog. I was thinking that only a couple of visitors would actually click on the form and enter their details. It turned out that dozens of visitors clicked on the form and used it for insurance leads.

This encouraged me to add other forms and I have also embedded carloans form into my blog. This is one of the more popular form and dozens of people click it on a daily basis. I guess people are interested in buying cars with latest designs.I am receiving my share of revenues without any delays. EquiLeads pay the revenues when a customer referred from my site actually purchases a lead. Many people do that and thus make it easier for me to laugh all the way to the bank.

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